Note to Self

The world has unfold,

boundless grace and undiscovered booth.

The sun sometimes hide,

when the rain brings some little glide.

I was walking on this earth,

searching for answers from birth.

Future is yet to be known,

time has keep my bossom frown.

Temporary happiness were enjoyed,

this little soul cannot avoid.

Time came where realizations grow,

truth all ready and bestow.

Self love is all but above,

the greatest one can reach as pure as dove.

Love yourself is a simple call,

how little and simple but a big fatal.

Hermana Menor Island

Sun and sand lover? Well, the best escape you can do is in this gorgeous island of Sta. Cruz, Zambales, the  beautiful and Maldives look alike – Hermana Menor. D99D03E2-0F17-4E27-ADB3-E4F96EC2BAEDThe island is 30-40 minutes boat ride from the shoreline of Sta. Cruz. The boat ride is worth 1,500 pesos for 4 pax (for a two way ride). But if you are a group of 10 and above, you can have 250 pesos per pax for the boat ride according to the boatman.

IMG_5824You will surely enjoy the ride because the boatmen are friendly and they can also take you on the side of the Hermana Mayor Island -a privately owned island so you can’t go there for a photoshoot. Just look but you can’t land. The island is bigger than Hermana Menor and the view is also better. The water is as clear as the waters of Maldives. Picturesque indeed. The island will be opened on January 2019.

IMG_5857Corals are visible as you see. Sad but can’t do anything. So, after the sneek peak, we pished through our travel. I was so excited to see the island.

095FCF80-7991-4953-9779-DA7228B397B5And so we landed on this gorgeous island with a big WOW! The waters are so clear, the fishes are swimming, the palms are waving, everything is just nice. Just pay 100 pesos for the entrance fee and the benches/shades fee starts at 350 pesos. IMG_5863We chose the 350 pesos bench (as the call it). The place is shady so it’s okay. As you see we have our foods there. Jollibee as always (bida ang saya). Be sure to bring joy wherever you go. After we had our lunch, we started exploring the island.B6FD070A-AD5C-413A-80EA-27F35BD2E809The waters are so clear. Maldives feels. The best thing that every tourist must see on this island is the sandbar that makes the island unique. You can enjoy unlimited shots here. You can also do stone balancing because white stones are scattered around the shore. Fishes are also visible even on the shallow part of the beach. Bring your own snorkle gears for there are no available stuffs for rent. The island is has also palms and other trees that you can use as background. 5163ACB3-6BA8-4A81-856A-96EF77079540These are just some of the coconut trees around the island. Blue seas and cloudy skies are perfect match for your ig shots. Comfort rooms are available for free so maintain its cleanliness. A store is also open where you can buy anything you want.

Overall, the island is definitely a must visit. Come and visit Hermana Menor and make memories! You can contact Ate Arlyn for your boatride 09386336925.

The Beach

One day, I was sitting in a hut on a shore.

I looked around me and stared deeply at the sea.

One question bothered me, “Why do people love to be here?”

Again, I looked around where I am.

I noticed the sweet waves, the fine sand, and the hot sun.

What makes this place beautiful then?

The waves would push you wherever it wants too.

The sand would make you feel sticky as it is placed on your skin.

The sun is too hot to enjoy swimming.

Then, suddenly, I realized, all these negative vibes that I felt as I observed what is in the beach makes the place beautiful.

People enjoy playing with the waves, lying on the sand, and staying under the sun,

All these turned to reflections.

All the flaws that we have makes us beautiful.

The waves, sun, and sand makes the beach perfect.

At first, I saw these as a flaws for the beach.

At the end, I concluded how wonderful these flaws are. These three things makes the beach a beach.

All of what we have makes us who we are. Believe in yourself. Make your flaws your strength.

You are a BEACH. The sand is your beauty, the waves your personality, and the sun and everything is your identity.

Love yourself, you are gorgeous! -Maleko 😘



Kaparkan Falls

IMG_6028.JPGThis is the amazing view of the falling waters of Kaparkan Falls in Tineg, Abra. The waterfalls looks like the rice terraces of the Mountain Province of Luzon. The water is very refreshing and cooling after a 4-hour trek.  The trek was not that easy for us because we had it during the rainy days. We have to walk through the muddy path. A4678020-C56A-4540-8A6C-5B37E3544FDE.jpgOur happy feet during the trek. Sometimes we have to remove our sandals for us to walk comfortably. But the muds along the way has added on the attraction of the place if you are really seeking for great adventure. If you are planning to visit the place during rainy days, you better prepare your best trekking sandals. You can also ride on the monster jeep and try the top load for a roller coaster feeling.

37D4EA9C-6E18-457F-8236-6FB0435E09C6.jpgThis is the monster jeep that can help you bring to the beautiful view of Kaparkan without the trek. This is more expensive. When we had our visit, we had the trek going to the falls and when we are going back to Bangued (our jump off), we had the oppurtunity to ride on this jeep as top loads. You can also do this of the jeepney has still its space. But if no, better walk on goong back. By the way, during summer, you won’t experience the muds.

F87E1A34-322F-4623-9832-5A412C4B1C4E.jpgTRAVEL – my vice right now. I have the opportunity to see the beauty of the world through wandering. With my travel kit (especially my phone for photography) I am able to enjoy life at its best. Live to travel as they say.


The falls is under the shade of the tree so no worries for those who are afraid of the sun. You can enjoy swimming on the shallow and coold water of the place. It is not also slippery unlike other waterfalls. You can also have your lunch beside the falls overlooking its beauty. You can ask your travel organizer for a tour package on it. If you would ask me on how much I spent on this travel, I can’t really answer because I paid for a tour package of Kaparkan Falls + Vigan Tour for 2,700 php. You can contact the tourism office of Bangued, Abra for the details. Enjoy your travel! #malekotravels Follow me on ig for my adventures (thevallavkarkra).



I Want to Fly

I want to fly,

Even if I have no wings.

I want to sing,

Even if I have an out of tuned voice.

I want to paint,

Even if I have paintings like a child.

I want to bloom,

Even of I am not a flower.

I want to inspire,

Even if i am not capable of it.

I want to give love,

Even if they won’t give it back.

I want to write,

Even if they won’t read my works.

I want to fly, I want to fly.

I know it may be tough.

But, I really want to fly.